Quarantine Times

I am living my quarantine life to the fullest…. by starting a blog. While, perhaps the world has moved on to trendier forms of social media and sharing their lives, I feel like the time is right for a full-on blog comeback here in the first quarter of the weirdest year I have ever lived through. I mean… what else is there to do? Perhaps, there are even people bored enough to read my petty thoughts… here’s to hoping! If not: Mom and Dad… hey. Thanks for reading. I love you too.

I am not about to shine a cheery light on the global crisis and tell you all what a beautiful opportunity this is to reflect, regroup and start a dang blog, because outside the world is shitty and scary and for anyone in a comfortable home with a patio and a rescue dog (the quarantine dream) there is a someone stuck in a bed-bug ridden studio apartment with their ex. However, for me, the house cat of a human that I am, this is sort of my vision board come true. This global pandemic hit days after I quit my service industry job, and started tutoring and while I am making VERY LITTLE money and my government check is lost in the mail and the anxiety of paying rent keeps me up at night, I have a lot of time to pursue some crap on my pursue-list. For example, number 48 on that list… blog (and/or website?)

Here are some super duper cool things I plan on doing with this site: sharing my quarantine crafts, reviewing my streaming binges (streaming binges = Gen Z Irish punk band name??), sharing some writing and miscellaneous projects and…. patiently waiting for our cosmic mommy to tell us that time-out is over. Until then, lets stay home, make coffee, drink wine, eat junk food, watch too much TV, play Animal Crossing until our fingers cramp and get real weird… and history will remember us as heroes.